For Sellers

Get The Most Value From Selling Your Home

Thinking of selling your home? Moving to a new country? Traveling the world? Or perhaps you are just moving into a more practical area of your city. Whatever the reason for your moving, sometimes remodeling your home before you sell can be a great decision because it can up the value of the home well above what you paid for the remodel. Below are some tips on increasing the value of your home.

20 Cents On The Dollar

A general rule is that you can get 20 cents to even 25 cents on the dollar after you remodel. Meaning for every 25 cents you spend on remodeling correctly, you can actually sell your home for the 75 additional cents. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s not best to remodel like crazy right before you sell. There could be factors that you don’t think of that could hinder your ability to sell on time. One factor could be that something goes wrong with the remodel and now you have to extend the deadline and if you have to move for a new career, this could be a huge problem. If you know that the house you are in is not the house you will be in for life, it’s best to start slow and to start remodeling little by little.

Plan Of Attack

All great accomplishments started with a goal or a plan. Know your remodeling costs. Research your local remodeling companies. Don’t go crazy and think you need to create a kids wonderland in the backyard because you think it will help you sell your home faster. Remodeling extravagantly can actually hurt you if you are secluding the types of buyers to a small market because only a few people would actually like a certain design or remodel idea.

Start With One Room

Sorry to go with a cliche, but “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” so don’t feel like you have to remodel the whole house in one sitting. Just take it room by room. Start with a small room and do something as simple as painting it. Get some small wins and then start planning the bigger things like perhaps changing the cabinets or installing granite countertops.

Be Safe & Hire Experts

Try to leave your ego at the door and leave the really difficult things to the experts. If you don’t know anything about electrical wiring, hire an electrician. If you don’t know anything about plumbing, don’t try to install a hot tub in your master bedroom. Again for every 20 to 25 cents you’ve spent on your dollar of remodeling, you can make 75 cents back after selling so just bite the bullet at the beginning and hire someone with experience.

Have Fun!

Don’t let selling your home be a stressful time. Get all of your nostalgia out of the way early and then put your head down and plow through. It can be an extremely rewarding feeling to finally get the home of your dreams and then sell your home quickly. Have fun with the ones you love while you remodel your home.