Local Info

Chester, New Jersey

The township of Chester is located in Morris County, NJ. It is a very small populated borough with just about 1,650 people counted in a 2010 census. The land is only made up of about 1.6 sq. miles. The demographic is about 91% white, 2% Asian, 3% misc. race, and less than 1% Native American. There are about 615 homes to view in Chester.

Long Valley, NJ

Long Valley is another small census-designated place in the state of New Jersey with only a population of less than 1,879. The USCB (United States Census Bureau) stated that Long Valley is less than 5 sq. miles. The weather in the summer can reach pretty hot temperatures and also can be humid, while the winter weather is generally cool and pleasant. There are just over 650 households that were logged in a 2000 U.S. Census. The local demographic is about 97% white with the average household income being over $97,000.

Washington, New Jersey

Washington is a township in NJ with a small population of over 6,400 people as of 2010. The township is actually named after our first president: George Washington. It’s history is rich with musical instruments, as this was a popular item that was manufactured regularly back in the 1,900s. There are a little over 2,600 households.

Mendham, NJ

Another borough in New Jersey, Mendham has less than 5,000 people living in it now after a 2010 census. About 95% of the population is white, 1% black, and 2% Native American. There are over 1,700 households in Mendham.

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